April 18, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


New Butech ceramic façade system: modular façades for big projects

Trying to fulfil both architecture and building professionals’ needs, the PORCELANOSA  Grupo’s firm, Butech, presents a new ceramic façade system. A complete and revolutionary innovative building system which not only reduces deadlines, but also achieves energy efficiency in the building itself.

This is the new Butech modular façade system

The modular façade system by Butech is based on prefabricated panels including exterior ceramic wall tiles; support plates, heat insulation nucleus and interior partition wall. These plates, which are directly anchored to the structure of the building, on one hand work as a façade themselves, whilst on the other hand, they work as the structure where the interior wall tiles of the project are installed on.

The plates, which are provided to construction work completely assembled and ceramic-wall tiled, are manufactured with the Xlight extra-slim porcelain tile of Urbatek, in other words, a large-format ultra-resistant porcelain. Because of both their 100×300 cm size and their thin 3,5mm thickness, they allow for every single modular plate with just one piece of porcelain to be wall tiled, thus, providing the design of the building with elegance, avant-garde design and exclusivity.

Advantages which make a project important

Energy efficiency is one of the advantages which this new building system provides. To the exterior plates with securock panels, three more 4cm-thickness insulation layers are added, thus, achieving a high performance regarding energy efficiency in the building.

On the other hand, both its lightness and easy installation allow for a deadline reduction in the façade project, hence, an overall 30m2 performance can be achieved. A noteworthy aspect if we bear in mind the fact that the project includes support, heat insulation, façade waterproofing and exterior finish. In addition to this, the building expenses are reduced, since the installation can be carried out from the inside of the building, therefore the use of cranes and scaffolding is not necessary. It is a system which undoubtedly provides the finished product with a value which is considerably lower than the traditional construction.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that we are dealing with a 100% recycled product and a secure one as well, which has undergone numerous tests and certifications.


Butech, in collaboration with the large-format extra-slim porcelain tile of Urbatek, has already successfully completed the installation of ceramic façades with this state-of-the-art modular system. To be precise, both firms have worked together on the Watford FC football stadium façade project in the Premier League, by means of an installation of approximately 400m2; as well as on the façade of a particular housing in Las Rozas, in Madrid, with 575 m2.

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