February 11, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


New Baltimore collection by Venis, when cement turns into ceramic

Venis recreates the sturdy appearance of cement in their new Baltimore ceramic floor tiles  and wall tiles collection, presented in their remodelled exhibition, opened during the 22nd Global Architecture International Exhibition, together with the rest of the PORCELANOSA Group firms.

Baltimore turns out to be the right proposal in the creation of industrial aesthetic environments, becoming one of the most modern trends in the field of architecture and interior design, increasingly present in international projects of a different nature.

Rather than offering a sullen result, Baltimore ceramic floor tiles  and wall tiles by Venis show textured finishes providing the space with quality because of the chromatic richness of their designs. Edges with a brittle appearance and surfaces full of irregular reliefs give character to each piece, making a determined commitment to the imperfections of cement as the key to configuring the identity of the Baltimore collection.

The naturalness of the ochre and grey colour tones dominates the beauty of this series of contrasts. The light colouring of the Beige, Dark Grey, Grey, Natural and White finishes carefully counteracts the apparent roughness of this new ceramic product by Venis.

The porcelain floor tiles of the Baltimore series are presented in a 59,6×59,6 cm square format, whereas Venis counts on the 33,3x100cm large format for the ceramic wall tiles with the aim of getting the most out of spaciousness by creating continuous surfaces.

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