January 3, 2020 | Updated: July 18, 2022


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: The new AMC offices take a neo-futuristic architecture approach

The Chiralt Arquitectos studio has strengthened the original structures with a minimalist interior based on white tones, curves and natural light.

To unify the design of all rooms, Porcelanosa and L’Antic Colonial natural inspiration collections were chosen.

The automotive company AMC has redesigned its retail offices in Nules (Castellón), with the direction of the Chiralt Arquitectos studio and PORCELANOSA Group collections.

1 Oficinas AMC Porcelanosa Eva Perez

Through a neo-futuristic style based on open spaces, voluptuous and curved structures and a predominantly white Nordic interior design, all rooms in the complex are linked through the same design.

The result has been made possible through the fitting of L’Antic Colonial Linkfloor Contract Cotton vinyl flooring. Due to its grey hue, its high resistance to water and reduced thickness, the braiding of this material balances the luminosity of the white areas, specially framing each of them.

8 Oficinas AMC Porcelanosa Eva Perez

The resistance of stone is transferred to ceramics

To enhance the personality of each space, Chirant Arquitectos has chosen the Porcelanosa Boston Stone series as the main tiling. Inspired by natural stone, each piece of ceramic resists the high traffic and wear and tear in these retail spaces.

9 Oficinas AMC Porcelanosa Eva Perez

A design that is combined with the Porcelanosa Bluestone Topo series (STON-KER). This ceramic collection is inspired by bluish stones, and their colour palette contrasts serenely with the warmer hues.

Furniture: Muebles Lluesma.

Images: Eva Pérez Valero.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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