November 22, 2022


NER, the new countertop and bathroom furniture collection designed by Fran Silvestre

The architect has proposed a series of elements defined by straight lines, giving the room a clean, minimalist design

Diseñado con Krion® Solid, gracias a su gran resistencia, uniformidad y su blanco tan característico, las encimeras NER destacan por sus formas nítidas y poliédricas. Para el desarrollo de estos diseños, Krion® Solid facilita su limpieza y mantenimiento, otorgando un toque de aire fresco al cuarto de baño.

Minimalist designs

Fran Silvestre, an architect internationally renowned for his innovation in architectural design, has designed the new NER series from Krion®. Its straight lines reveal a washbasin with a fine opening, running the length of the basin, which allows the water to drain easily thanks to the slope of the bottom of the basin. The most technical part of the basin, such as the drain ready to connect directly to the trap, is hidden from view, offering a clean and minimalist look.

The NER countertop is available in several formats with a single basin: 61 cm x 50 cm, 80 cm x 50 cm, 100 cm x 50 cm. For a double basin: 120 x 50 cm y 150 x 50 cm all with a visible thickness of 8 mm. They can be installed on a unit from the same series or a metal frame from the Smart series. They are also compatible with the units in the Smart and One series.

The NER furniture is based on simplicity and functionality. Designed with a single interior drawer in black, its ample storage capacity is enhanced by LED lighting, with neutral and automatic light, on the sides with an opening sensor and battery. For a perfect organisation of the space inside the drawer, black methacrylate dividers are available.

Fabricado en madera lacada blanca y con guías soft close, el mueble NER está disponible en formatos de 61 cm x 50 cm, 80 cm x 50 cm, 100 cm x 50 cm, 120 cm x 50 cm y 150 cm x 50 cm, siendo compatibles con las encimeras de las colecciones Spirit, Natural y One, de Krion Shell®; y Smart y Kole, de Krion® Solid.

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