July 20, 2021 | Updated: March 8, 2022


The Real Club Naútico (Royal Sailing Club) in Valencia gets a design overhaul with Porcelanosa collections

The club has updated its facilities and corporate image using Premium ceramics and bathroom accessories from the Spanish multinational.

The Real Club Naútico in Valencia enters a new era with a more functional, accessible and natural design that ties in with the city's social context.

New design and improved amenities

The renovation of the main swimming pool, changing rooms and façade, using collections from PORCELANOSA Group have brought the exterior and interior spaces together under the same aesthetic. This was the intention behind the design from Intrados Arquitectura, led by Marian Sánchez, María Pérez and José Manuel Mesado, who opted for the brand's Bottega White collection.

Tiles from the series have been used to clad the front of the building and changing rooms, as well as for outdoor flooring in the swimming pool area. Thanks to their balanced shade variation, non-slip properties and cement-inspired texture, the white porcelain tiles enter into a dialogue with the sea, through open, clean lines.

The Bottega White pieces were installed using Butech adhesives and concealed anchorage systems to achieve an uninterrupted look and safe facade solution. These properties are shared by Porcelanosa's Vela Natural series (used on the staircases, terraces and corridors) and PAR-KER® ceramic wood, used to pave the beach swimming pool area. The material underscores the design concept, seamlessly integrating spaces into the surrounding nature.

The interior's neutral colours create a striking contrast with the blues and greens of the maritime setting. This is why they opted for beige and grey hues in the bathrooms and changing rooms (for the lockers and furnishings), and Noken bathroom accessories such as Hotels wall-mounted toilets, chrome finish showers and the brand's geometric taps. "To achieve the overall aesthetic it was very important to choose materials characterised by high resistance and low maintenance", states an Intrados Arquitectura representative.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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