August 16, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019

Solid surface

K•FUSION: multifunctional designs manufactured with KRION™

This new solution makes it possible to join complementary pieces with the mineral compact sheets.

Its unique combinations reinvent the interior design in kitchens and bathrooms alike.

The non-stop research carried out by Systempool about KRIONTM has meant progress in the field of the Solid Surface. This is what happens with K•FUSION. This revolutionary solution from the firm, which belongs to the PORCELANOSA Group, makes it possible to join the  KRIONTM sheets with complementary bonded pieces.

Through this system, the pieces are excellently bonded to the KRIONTM and continuous compositions and designs are achieved, resulting in seamless joints and therefore avoiding dirt accumulation unlike with other materials.

The endless combinations achieved, together with the different fabricating techniques and colours, shape any piece or composition. This extensive customisation makes it possible to fulfil any point in architecture and interior design, including kitchen and bathrooms design.

With K•FUSION customised worktops, integrated bathtubs and shower trays become a reality. Infinite designs which meet any user’s necessity.

The bonded complementary pieces are available in the purest colour of KRIONTM, in other words, 1100 Snow White. Additionally, there are also series of sinks in a base finish which vary between stainless steel, satin, anthracite, golden and copper tones.

KRION Affinity: KRIONTM in the hands of professionals

K•FUSION turns out to be a revolutionary system for architecture, therefore previous training becomes necessary to satisfactorily carry out projects with KRIONTM. It is a difficult and delicate process where dedication is required.

The firm, KRION TM, makes its KRIONTM Affinity programme available for professionals to get the suitable training and be informed about the latest developments with the material. Thanks to this training programme of innovative solutions, such as K•FUSION, the fabricators find great technical solutions for carrying out any project.

Discover the composition process with K•FUSION for a highly-functional kitchen worktop in this video in which one can see how a KRIONTM sheet is attached to a sink through the cutting, milling, bonding and sanding techniques.

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