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PORCELANOSA celebrates Mother’s Day in Mexico

Unforgettable experiences surround Porcelanosa’s ephemeral showroom in Mexico for Mother’s Day

Porcelanosa installed a large gift in the Artz Pedregal shopping centre in Mexico City for Mother’s Day. Linked to this temporary intervention, the firm also organised activities and workshops in its showroom surrounded by unforgettable moments.

Día de la Madre México

Mother’s Day is one of the most celebrated dates in the Aztec country. Not in vain, it was the first Latin American country to incorporate this commemoration into its calendar, more than a century ago. Since then, every 10 May, Mexicans pay tribute to their mothers, giving gifts and sharing special moments.

Porcelanosa in Mexico on the occasion of Mother’s Day

To celebrate this special date, Porcelanosa organised a special intervention in the Artz Pedregal shopping centre in the capital. This space, known for hosting the showrooms of the most important international premium brands, received, from 3 to 12 May, Porcelanosa’s installation in the form of a giant gift.

The large enclosure was covered with Krion® solid surface. Inside, it revealed a lounge designed with materials from the different companies in the group.

The interior design, based on Mexican tradition, was infused with earth tones and nature-inspired elements. In the centre, the large-format XTONE Alpinus White wall covering captivated with its faithful reproduction of natural stone. Next to it, Gamadecor’s living room furniture completed the cosy room.

An unforgettable gift for mum

Complementing the experience, Porcelanosa gave Artz visitors the opportunity to create unique gifts for their mothers. Through craft workshops, which took place in the showroom that the multinational opened in 2021 in the shopping centre, participants were able to experiment up close with the different Porcelanosa Group materials to turn them into personalised creations.

The wallpapers from L’Antic Colonial’s Skins collection were transformed into colourful floral decorations in the origami workshops given by the Anaquiños de Papel studio.

In addition, participants made home fragrances with Porcelanosa scent from vegetable soya, together with Eleven people‘s scenting experts. They also created their own designs on Porcelanosa ceramic pieces, which they painted by hand, guided by watercolourist Catalina Rodríguez.

Days for Mum special promotion

But Porcelanosa’s celebration of Mother’s Day in Mexico does not end here. Throughout the month of May, Porcelanosa shops in the country are offering a special promotion with discounts of up to 30%, to celebrate Mother’s Day with all Mexicans.

With these initiatives, Porcelanosa wanted to join in the celebration of one of the most significant events for Mexican society, combining tradition, creativity and quality to give visitors an unforgettable experience.

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