April 30, 2019 | Updated: November 19, 2019


The freshest mosaics from Porcelanosa for contemporary homes

The Nantes, Prada, Berna and Matt collections provide greater lightness for spaces through their colour combinations and their reliefs.

Their pieces come in a 45cm x 120cm format, and a 10mm thickness.

The beige, white, grey and sand colours are just some of the musts for this season. Following this trend, the company, Porcelanosa, offers four mosaic collections with these tones. As well as that, the Nantes, Prada, Berna and Matt series lighten the interior and exterior spaces through their shapes, reliefs and colour combinations.


If you are looking at refurbishing the bathroom or the living room, these ceramic wall tiles allow the light in these rooms to be enhanced. This is the case with the Nantes Acero mosaic, whose cementitious grainy look banks on a sober interior design with no limits.

Based on stone, the Prada Acero and Berna Acero mosaics come with three-dimensional patterns which increase the spaciousness in every combination of volumes. A line which the Matt Mosaic also shares, whose preservation of the purest white provides the different rooms with balance, as well as letting the light from outside in without any filters.

With a 45cm x 120cm format and a 10mm thickness, these four series from Porcelanosa provide greater freshness and joviality to the spaces in each of their combinations.


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