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The 11th PORCELANOSA Group Awards: The Morph studio is awarded with the best Finished Project for the Terrazas del Lago Residential Complex

The architects, Cesar Frias Enciso and Miguel Pradillo, overcame the legal limitations of the complex with a curved facade

This European residential property stands out because of having the largest solid surface from KRION® and 2000 square metres of terrace

Cesar Frias Enciso and Miguel Pradillo from the Morph Estudio picked up the award for the best Finished Project at the 11th PORCELANOSA Architecture and Interior Design Awards ceremony.

Their residential project 'Terrazas del Lago' got the best score from the jury, which was made up of: Luis Vidal, Rebecca Jones, Ricardo Mateu, Pierre-Yves Rochon and Rafael Robledo, who all recognised the creativity and the demands regarding the architectonic expositions.

A facade which combines curved lines to the limit

The challenge arises because of the masterful way in which both professionals resolved the legal limitations to project a façade that formally combines the curves. The residential complex located next to Valdebebas lake, in front of the Felipe VI park in Madrid, has a 75% aligned facade and with a curvature of 25%. Its wavy and straight lines produce a high visual impact that reinforces the dynamic and stepped configuration of its terraces.

These areas have the greatest formal coherence, since the curves of the corners are transferred to the successive terraces and cause a slight inclination of the parapet.

If the facade is taken as a starting point, all the details are designed as an echo originated in the curvature of this area. From gardening, or the design of the party wall, to the terraces, viewpoints, commercial premises, pergolas, and even the fence.

5,200 square metres of KRION® Solid Surface

The KRION® Solid Surface, combined with the facade building system and the hidden anchoring system by Butech in facades, indoors and roofs, are the solutions that have made it possible to build a facade with impossible curvatures. Cutting-edge aesthetic consisting of 5.244.865 square metres from KRION®. This European residential property stands out because of having the largest solid surface of this material and 2000 square metres of terrace.

The building, consisting of 83 homes with 1 to 5 bedrooms, incorporates an energy system that enables us to take advantage of the sun's warmth, and various common areas, such as: the swimming pool, the tennis court and the garden.

The PORCELANOSA Group recognises the cutting-edge design and the innovation from the current professionals in this field and it promotes all the new projects through these awards which, incorporate their main values, namely: innovation, originality and sustainability.

This project has been possible, thanks the real estate developer, Inmoglaciar.

Project carried out by: Cesar Frias Enciso and Miguel Pradillo. Morph Estudio.

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