June 7, 2019


The Morocco-styled tiles that every house needs

The combination of textures, earthy colours and floral and geometric patterns provide interior and exterior spaces with greater freshness.

The baskets made of raffia, the oriental rugs, the lamps made of iron and the rustic furniture are some of the decor complements which best meet the demands of this interior design.  

The wide range of textures, colours and shapes which the Morocco-styled ceramic allows for warm original spaces to be created focused on design. The oriental rugs, the baskets made of raffia, the lamps made of iron or paper and the wooden furniture are some of the decor complements which best match this type of interior design.

The designer Laurence Leenaert, who is the founder of the fashion label, LRNCE, has found her artistic inspiration and identity in Marrakech. Rugs, ceramic pieces, sandals and bedspreads decorated with tribal patterns, earthy tones and geometric shapes are some of her most representative work.

An aesthetic which goes well with those hydraulic tiles which are inspired by 13th century Moroccan ceramic. This happens with zellige, which means ‘small polished stone’ in the Arabian language. These types of mosaics which are done with small coloured tile pieces are increasingly more present in bathrooms, living rooms and terraces. The overlapping pieces create reliefs full of great brightness which enhance the aesthetic possibilities of each project.

An exotic touch for kitchens and bathrooms

 The exotic composition and look of these Moroccan tiles give greater character to rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Thought up to be used as a floor tile or wall tile, these pieces offer a high resistance to high and low temperatures, as well as a neat look for showers and worktops.


Decor styles which meet the needs of people


The Arabian-styled mosaics, aka  zellige, make spaces more dynamic through different colours and textures. The beige, white and nude colours of these ceramic pieces can be combined with not only rustic-styled furniture but also minimal. Their installation is suitable for all types of projects.



 If we bank on a vintage aesthetic, opting for wall tiles with a retro style with geometric or floral patterns is recommended, so that they can be combined with Chester sofas, wooden stately furniture or chandeliers.



The monochrome ceramic pieces enlarge the capacity of space, since they bring the different areas of a house together under the same aesthetic.  We are dealing with a very practical solution for lofts and studios which need more space between the rooms.



The tiles with high water absorption have become the ideal material for those country houses which are located in the countryside. The ochre, grey-green or turquoise tones meet the demands of that rustic aesthetic which banks on a balance between calmness and noise.  


2 thoughts on “The Morocco-styled tiles that every house needs

  1. Hi !
    I like the beautiful square light green tiles in your Picture ” the bath-room with the white pottery vessel and the house plant ”
    I´m from Austria (Graz) and want to order a model.
    Do you send me some tiles ?
    Dear greets from Graz !
    Elisabeth Volckmar

  2. I love your tiles, once I visited your showroom in London – Watford, now I am building house in Slovakia, and it is already one year that I cannot choose which one I should go for, obviously I want the best that will suit to our house and us. I have two bathrooms to do. I already have chosen and bought tiles for the kitchen and hallway. Really looking forward to finish this “project”. You are the best for me 😉

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