February 17, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Mood Board: discover what L’Antic Colonial brings in 2016

As a show of everything that inspires its newest collections, L’Antic Colonial brings Mood Board, a catalogue full of innovative sensations and concepts that reflects just what the PORCELANOSA Group  firm offers in 2016.

Based on a conceptual map full of creative ideas, Mood Board comes hand in hand from L’Antic Colonial with the aim of becoming monographic in habitat trends, an inspirational reference guide to architects and interior design professionals around the world. It aims to give the key points about what the current contemporary styles are, while offering pioneering solutions for any project or natural materials, as well as ceramic materials or bathroom equipment. Due to its quality, luxury and high performance, L’Antic Colonial has already been chosen to be present in prestigious international projects, ranging from the most advanced residential architectures, to hotels, restaurants and a wide range of facilities.

Discovering the latest developments and presenting the hottest trends of the season, L’Antic Colonial sets up its Mood Board catalogue around several thematic areas. In this regard, we can discover the latest innovations in linkfloor, the most extraordinary natural wood wall tiles and mosaics, as well as the latest floor tile models in marble or natural stone basins. The Premium home from the Premium Selection product selection by Porcelanosa also has a special area reserved in this monograph, along with the latest hexagonal ceramic materials filled with mathematical precision in its aesthetics. Mood Board also dedicates a section to creative spaces and to the most exclusive architectural projects, from the most amazing housing to dream hotels.

 L’Antic Colonial wants you

In order to make the L’Antic Colonial community larger and help others to discover the most impressive architectural and interior design projects, the firm announces a publishing competition, which is looking for the best projects. For this selection, it will be essential to use products from L’Antic Colonial, as well as the incorporation of high doses of creativity. The quality and attractiveness of the images and photographs will be valued, but these images must not infringe on any copyright laws if both publication and evaluation are to take place.

During the months of November and December the projects selection will take place, with the winning collection to be announced in January.

The best projects will be widely spread by L’Antic Colonial.  Up to 50,000 copies will be distributed in specialty showrooms and stores as well as in fairs and events in which PORCELANOSA Group participates. In addition, it will be also issued online in order to get a much broader and diversified broadcast.

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