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Avant-garde design on modern house façades

Minimalist style, clean lines and innovative materials characterise contemporary building design for modern house façades.

Aesthetics and functionality. These are the essential features of all façades in simple and elegant homes. In this post we will explore keys aspects and trends for developing modern façades, considered the backbone of the architectural design of single-family homes.

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Architecture: Creative Management Base

Photo: Ana Mora

Straight lines and volumes create an elegant and contemporary look. One of the distinctive features of modern house façades is their appearance inspired by simplicity and geometry. The façades of simple and elegant houses are the integrating link between interior and exterior spaces. The use of large windows and sliding doors lets in natural light and creates a feeling of spaciousness.

Trends in the design of modern home façades

Today's architecture requires an extra dose of creativity and ingenuity in modern façade design. Unsurprisingly, they are critical in the first impression we form of any building. Here are some of the key trends:

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Architecture: Sharapova Olena – Paschalis Sotiris

Photo: Sharapova Olena


Minimalism is still a strong trend in modern façades. The exterior image of the homes can be reinvented to create pure lines and volumes. Materials and formats are adapted to allow the modulation and aesthetic continuity of the façades of simple and elegant houses. Cornices, mouldings and reliefs add character, although their incorporation should be aligned with the overall style of the building. Curves and sinuous shapes in façades can be achieved thanks to Krion®, a thermocurved material.

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Architecture: Pablo Tapia

Interior design: Gabriela Eugenia Tovar

Photo: Abraham Cornejo

Contrast materials

There is a trend towards combining different materials to create visual contrasts in modern façade design. PORCELANOSA façade materials have a series of effects that embellish the structure: cement, stone, marble or oxide, among others.

Contemporary outdoor design has a strong inclination to apply the same model to the cladding, the floor tiles and the pool basin. In this way, perfect visual continuity is achieved to create a feeling of greater spatial amplitude.

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Photo: Nicolas Botas / Mia Borgelin


Innovative materials can be used in any shade, meaning there is a wide range of colours that can be used on façades.

Neutral tones such as white, grey and beige are classics that never disappoint. The warm colour range, meanwhile, comprises more trendy façade colours that blend in perfectly with nature. We can find numerous colour options for facades among the XTONE, XLIGHT® and L'Antic Colonial collections.


Light plays a crucial role in the design of modern house façades. The exterior lighting highlights the architectural elements and creates interesting visual effects at night.

Strategically placed lights, spotlights or wall lamps are used to highlight architectural details and particular elements. The contours or edges of the structure, columns or entrances are highlighted, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

In addition, dynamic lighting effects such as colour changes or moving lighting systems can be incorporated to create a unique and evocative ambience.

Technological efficiency

Modern façades often incorporate thermal and acoustic insulation systems to improve energy efficiency. With savings of up to 30%, these systems enhance comfort inside the home.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, modern façade also play an important functional role in the house, protecting its interior from climatic phenomena such as rain, wind and intense sun.

In short, modern house façades represent a fusion of style, functionality and sustainability. Their minimalist design, clean lines and innovative materials reflect contemporary aesthetics and integrate the interior and exterior of the home. In addition, modern façades, with their simplicity, lighting and sophisticated geometric design, create the first impression of a house.

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Architecture: Emase Arquitectura

Photo: Imágen Subliminal

The keys to designing modern façades

The installation of modern house façades is determined by a number of factors that influence the design and selection of suitable materials. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider:

Balanced and harmonious composition. Vertical and horizontal elements as well as appropriate volumes and proportions should be used to achieve an aesthetically pleasing design. The architectural style chosen will define distinctive features and elements in the installation of simple and elegant house façades. Finally, it is important to select materials and designs that match the interior design of the house.
Environment and location. The surroundings and location of the house play an important role in the installation of modern façades. The surrounding context such as the landscape, climate and legislation of the local must be taken into account. For example, in geographic areas with strong winds or extreme weather conditions, it is recommended to choose more resistant and durable materials.
Functionality and technical requirements. It is essential to consider factors such as moisture protection, thermal and acoustic insulation, fire resistance or durability. The selected materials must meet these requirements to ensure a comfortable and safe interior environment.
Aesthetics. Design and personal preference are key factors in the installation of modern house façades. It is important that the façade reflects the personality of the house's inhabitants and creates a connection with it, both visually and emotionally.
Sustainability and energy efficiency. Concern for reducing the environmental impact of housing is driving professionals and homeowners to look for ecological construction solutions. The use of sustainable materials with recycled or certified content and solar panels or rainwater harvesting systems are some examples.

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Architecture: Binomio Arquitectura

Photo: Diego Opazo

Start designing a new façade for your home

The installation of façades on modern houses is determined by a combination of elements including architectural style, environment and location. Similarly, functionality, budget, aesthetics, sustainability and the owner's personal preferences are determining factors. It is essential to consider all these aspects in order to achieve an attractive, functional and durable façade, in accordance with the needs and wishes of the house's inhabitants.

PORCELANOSA Group has numerous options for the creation of innovative exteriors, thanks to the development of solutions by Butech, PORCELANOSA's Technical Façades Department.

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