July 22, 2021


Krion® Lux becomes the perfect solution for the pharmaceutical sector

The PORCELANOSA Group mineral compact is becoming increasingly common in the pharmaceutical sector, thanks to its bacteriostatic nature, high resistance and easy maintenance.

Design has evolved dramatically in recent years. Even more so in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, where open-plan rooms, cross-ventilation and eco-friendly materials are becoming increasingly prominent in healthcare architecture.

Castellón pharmacy

Castellón, Spain

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In this landscape, mineral composites like Krion® Lux Snow White 1100 EAST have become a key ally for the pharmaceutical and contract sectors due to their hygienic properties and excellent resistance.

Cartagena pharmacy

Cartagena, Spain

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Inside Pharmacy marches ahead with Krion

Inside Pharmacy, a pharmacy design company, opted for Krion® Lux for a number of its projects, thanks to the solid surface's innovation and quality.

Valencia, Spain

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Krion® Lux sheets have enabled them to create broader, safer and healthier settings, thanks to the bacteriostatic nature the mineral compact lends to surfaces and its easy cleaning properties.

Denia, Spain

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The solid surface is becoming more and more popular for worktops, counters, furnishings and cladding in medical and pharmaceutical settings due to its imperceptible joints, zero porosity, excellent resistance against chemical agents and minimal maintenance.

La Cala pharmacy

Villajoyosa, Spain

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This is a hard-wearing and practical material that can be thermo-formed, adding to the health and sustainability of every space.

Architecture: Inside Pharmacy

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