9 February 2021


The best minimalist kitchens by PORCELANOSA for 2021

Simple, spacious, open-plan and with abundant storage space: these kitchens breathe the 'less is more' ethos, with neutral tones, straight lines and warm lighting.

Functional and open to the living room, minimalist kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in new interior design. Designed with simple lines, neutral tones and white lacquered furnishings, this type of kitchen breathes the 'less is more' ethos, filling every space with light and order.

Below we'll look at some decor ideas to give your  kitchen a minimalist look with PORCELANOSA Group collections.



Less fuss, more order

One of the most important aspects to consider when designing a minimalist kitchen is to eliminate all the unnecessary adornments and leave spaces tidier and brighter.

This can be seen in the E5.30 Porcelain Brillo Roble Puro XTone Aged Dark Nature kitchen by Gamadecor with XTONE® Aged Dark Nature worktop and cabinet fronts from Urbatek. Eliminating handles and integrated furnishings from the main structure means the kitchen opens up to the exterior with its symmetrical and open design.

How to decorate a minimalist kitchen

Giving your home the aesthetic and functional benefits of a minimalist kitchen is incredibly easy if you choose the right elements. There are endless kitchen designs that are minimalist and prioritise comfort over anything else.

E4.00 blanco snow mate_roble puro

1. White minimalist kitchens

White is the ultimate in modern minimalist kitchens thanks to the purity, cleanliness and luminosity it lends to a space.

The E4.00 White Snow Mate Roble Puro kitchen by Gamadecor represents a wholly white design, with an infinite worktop that doubles up as a table and turns the space into a social hub.

The aesthetic also runs through the Krion® Snow White 1100 EAST worktop in white, combined with natural wood furniture and functional taps such as Pure Line or Magnet by Noken.

2. Minimalist island kitchens

Island kitchens lend more space and storage to your property, and provide a sense of separation from other rooms such as the living room.

One such example is the R3.60 Marea Mate R1.70 Etimoe Land model by Gamadecor, which can be combined with Gamadecor's Forma chairs and stools, Noken's Arquitect taps and Cement 1L Charcoal laminated flooring by L'Antic Colonial, giving you a kitchen with personality perfectly integrated with the rest of the property.

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