18 January 2021 | Updated: 27 January 2021


Six minimalist bathrooms to fall in love with

To accent spaces, minimalist interiors use neutral colours, simple shapes and natural materials such as wood or natural stone as featured in PORCELANOSA Group ceramic collections.

Designed with the "less is more" maxim in mind, minimalist bathrooms invite you to hide away from the outside world with simple lines, neutral tones, furniture lacquered in black or white, and blends of wood and stone.

Next, PORCELANOSA Group presents 6 different minimalist room schemes so you can get inspired and turn your bathroom into a unique designer haven.

1. Wall-mounted wood furniture

Designed as a single block of oak wood, bathroom furniture Soft Noche Ghost by Gamadecor is the perfect partner for minimalist bathrooms when you want to accent space rather than the decor itself. Made with laminated matt technology, with anti-fingerprint, self-regenerating and grease-repellent properties, this model features a mechanised mitred handle for seamless integration into the space, and easy opening of the drawers.

2. Minim(alism) in washbasin form


Minim Sink Stand Persian White

Pure colours and simple geometric forms define the Minim washbasin collection byL'Antic Colonial. Available with wood or stone units to give your bathroom an even more minimalist look.

3. Fewer joints, more formats

To create a limitless, subtle space, we recommend using ceramic wall tiles that tie in with the flooring through natural textures and neutral colours. One of Porcelanosa's most popular collections in this style is The White Collection, an ode to white in every size, or the XTONE mineral compact, with pieces that recreate the shine and contrast of natural marble and make for cleaner spaces thanks to the large format and lack of joints.

XTONE® Berna Acero
XTONE® Calacatta Gold
XTONE® Glem White
XTONE® Liem Dark
XTONE® Liem Dark
XTONE® Liem Dark
XTONE® Liem Grey

4. The Krion revolution

Krion has revolutionised bathroom aesthetics with its Krion Shell® line. Mineral-based and composed of 5% recycled PET material, this compact is resistant to blows and stains, and is easy to clean and adapt to your space. It can be used to design washbasins, countertops and shower trays in various finishes and textures. Our exclusive Surface In Mold Connection production process results in a more perfect finish, in designs that would be impossible to achieve in other materials.

5. Finish Studio metallic taps by Noken

Noken, a PORCELANOSA Group brand specialising in bathroom fixtures and fittings, goes for cutting-edge minimalism in the majority of its collections. The style can be seen in its signature taps such as Lignage or Tono, with Finish Studio finishes coupled with geometric forms that marry perfectly with minimalist interiors.

6. Continuity throughout

Minimalism is based on clean lines, simple decor, monochrome, the prominence of natural or softer light and the use of natural materials such as wood, stone and lightweight textiles (linen or cotton). The Berna Acero collection by Porcelanosa and the mosaic in the same collection are the perfect fit for this decorative scheme, with a stone appearance that lends itself to creating expansive, brighter spaces.


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