March 11, 2020


Minimalism is back in style

This interior design look combines simple shapes and neutral colours with soft finishes, Japanese décor and Scandinavian design.

Order, light, natural materials and classical lines are the basis for creating a “minimal” space.

Based on the principle of “less is more”, minimalist design is defined by simplicity, clean lines, orderliness and subdued colours. This style emerged in the 90s and has a clear objective: to create visual harmony through neutral colours such as white, beige, brown or grey.

Minimalism developed as a reaction against the consumerism of the previous decade and is inspired by the “minimal” architecture that succeeded modernism in response to the ostentatious and ornamental styles of the nineteenth century.

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The keys to minimalist design

Even if it seems simple, minimalist interior design requires as much creativity and effort as any other style. Key elements of this aesthetic approach include applying neutral colours, choosing natural wood and subtle, multifunctional furniture, incorporating light textiles (cotton or linen) in rooms and taking advantage of natural light.

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Minimalist furnishing styles

An interior designer who opts for a minimalist space must select the furniture carefully and combine it coherently with the décor. This involves understanding space as a whole, including architectural models, materials, colour and textures.

This type of furniture looks to traditional Japanese and Scandinavian style décor. The pieces are characterized by solid colours, soft finishes, multifunctional structures and sharp lines.

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How to design a minimalist living room

Colour plays a fundamental role in creating a minimalist living room. One of the main considerations is that the finishes of the walls and furniture must suit the colour palette. Accessories and decorative objects also play an important role. For example, the choice of sofa is particularly important, as the space can be organized around it.

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Minimalist furniture

When it comes to “minimal” style furniture, quality is key. It is essential to take a long-term view, choose a good dining table or chairs that can last a lifetime and emphasize their qualities with neutral colours and classical lines.

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A “minimal” kitchen with light lines and bright colours

Kitchen furniture can account for half the interior design budget. For this reason, it is advisable to opt for a simple and functional design with open structures and high quality fittings. It is essential to choose bright, simple colours and steer clear of anything strident or ostentatious.

A minimalist kitchen must be an orderly kitchen. This is why racks for condiments and spices, and shelves and cupboards with sliding doors are so important.

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Keep the bathroom clean and tidy

Minimalist bathrooms are governed by architectural balance and light materials. Tidiness is also particularly important and calls for drawers, storage for the shower and towel rails to be installed.

For the toilet, it is advisable to choose a simple geometric form that fits harmoniously into the space.

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