June 5, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


The Milan and Rivoli ceramic collections by Venis pay tribute to the purest marble

Their beauty and functionality are based on marble rocks from Carrara and AlicanteThey are floor tiles and wall tiles that adapt to classic and contemporary style atmospheres
The new Milan and Rivoli collections by Venis are based on the beauty and functionality of marble. The ceramic pieces in these series create a new tactile dimension both in interior design and in the dividing spaces.

The beige splendor of the Mediterranean

The ceramic pieces from Milan are inspired by ivory cream marble with beige tones and others which are darker. Originally from the town of Pinoso in Alicante, this marble typology has become a fetish piece for the most exclusive architecture projects in Spain and abroad alike.The two floor tile formats available in (59.6cmx59.6cm and 80cmx80cm) and the wall tile format (33.3cmx100cm), offer: quality, dynamism and elegance to each project. Mediterranean splendor in beige.

The apology for the Carrara white marble

The Rivoli collection reproduces the charm of the white Carrara marble, which is extracted in the quarries of the Apuan Alps, north of Tuscany in Italy. Also, it was one of the favourite materials in the ancient Roman buildings. This is the case of Ara Pacis or the Forum of Augustus, both in Rome.The ceramic design for wall tiles (33.3cmx100 cm) and floor tiles (59.6cmx59.6cm and 44.6cmx44.6cm) is perfectly integrated into the habits and routines of daily life. Its design adapts to classic and contemporary style atmospheres. In addition, it also offers high resistance and easy maintenance. Imperial white with a modern style.

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