October 31, 2018 | Updated: November 29, 2018


The Metropolitan Nature collection by Venis goes back to the very first types of stone from the West

In a minimal industrial style, this material recalls the fusion between cement and rusty metal.

With regard to floor tiles, the three available formats are: 59.6cmx59.6cm, 80cmx80cm and 44cmx66cm. Regarding the wall tiles size, it is 33.3cmx100cm and it comes in three different tones.

The Metropolitan collection by Venis in floor tiles and wall tiles presents its new series, namely: Nature. Inspired by the very first different types of stone from the West, its matt contrasts recall the fusion between cement and rusty metal. We are dealing with industrial-style aesthetic harmony.

Timeless subtlety

The evolution shown in this version compared to the original one is focused on the pattern, with reliefs and textures which are not so noticeable. Its quality and resistance make it meet the demands of interiors and exteriors alike, since it is able to remain unaffected in extreme conditions. It is a result of the technology applied by STON-KER®.

The colour uniformity provided by the three tones: Antracita, Silver and Caliza; makes it possible to create a subtle faint atmosphere, which in turn, strengthens the brightness of the different elements.

New formats for these new times

In order to meet the architectural requirements which started over the past few years, the floor tiles from this collection can be found in these three formats: 59.6cmx59x6cm, 80cmx80cm and 44cmx66cm.

The options offered with regard to wall tiles focus on an extension of 33.3cmx100cm and decoration with small hexagons (Deco Dubai Metropolitan) in Antracita, Silver and Caliza. A balanced geometrical design. The seal of identity from the PORCELANOSA Group.

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