August 9, 2021 | Updated: August 25, 2021


PORCELANOSA meets Bali, a charming hotel in Indonesia

The firm presents oriental accommodation designed with the latest trends in flooring, inviting you to relax and disconnect.
Sandy colours, light textures such as linen, and ceramic wood are increasingly popular when it comes to creating spaces for the summer.

A trip is much more than a destination. It’s adventure, rest and enjoyment. It’s a break from the daily routine and a masterclass in the world’s many different cultures. When holidays are on the horizon, planning is essential and finding the right accommodation is fundamental.

When the good weather arrives, most people choose hotels designed for the summer season and tailor-made for relaxation, where comfort is a priority. The latest trends in ceramics and bathroom equipment available from PORCELANOSA Group help to achieve the necessary blend of functionality and elegant design.

HIGHKER Hannover Topo 120 cm x 120 cm+PAR-KER Vermont Chestnut 19.3 cm x 180 cm+29.4 cm x 180 cm Porcelanosa

On this occasion, the Company has travelled to the island of Bali to help create a hotel whose inspiration is completely oriental, so that guests can assimilate a sense of this lifestyle. In it, sandy colours, the use of rattan and light textiles, such as linen sheets, play a prominent role.

The design of elegant summer spaces has become synonymous with spacious rooms decorated in beige or light grey, furniture with curved designs, jute carpets, and fans with blades shaped like palm leaves, trends that have come to stay.

Ceramic wood for outdoors

Ceramic wood, used for flooring and wall tiles, is also one of the best ways to bring the feeling of summer to a hotel, garden, terrace or outdoor room.

PAR-KER® Vermont is the latest wood-effect collection presented by Porcelanosa for rooms with personality that need to withstand variable weather conditions. By combining the material’s two formats (29.4 cm x 180 cm and 19.3 cm x 180 cm), a herring-bone pattern can be created, extending to the outdoor shower area, where it contrasts with the pure black colour and rugged texture of L’Antic Colonial’s Outlines Mini Strip Bhutan tiling.

Another option when designing your space is to use the Hannover series. Its neutral colour and subtle pattern blend perfectly with furniture and accessories made of glass and wrought iron, textures often associated with summer.

For the interiors of the hotel in Bali, Porcelanosa has chosen Hannover Topo in 120 cm x 120 cm format, to enhance the sensation of depth, and Spiga Linz 59.6 cm x 150 cm wall tiles for contrast.

In the bathroom, Deco Vermont wall tiles and Noken fittings create a refreshingly modern impression.

For those who want a more personal touch, colour can be added with decorative elements such as cushions or fabrics in shades of turquoise, green or yellow. Bright colours also work well in summer.

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