December 21, 2020


Tradition and modernity come together in the Mattonella decorative panel

The PORCELANOSA Group firm Krion incorporates this new lightweight and sustainable mineral piece into the Cotto Series collection to create more realistic textures and reliefs.

Sustainability and well-being are two of Krion's corporate values and they are upheld in the new Mattonella panel. The PORCELANOSA Group firm continues to advance comprehensive design, with this new piece in its Cotto Series range.

Built with the Fitwall mineral material™, this piece combines tradition and modernity in the same structure and extends its uses to walls or equipment with lighter and more durable reliefs.

In line with PORCELANOSA Group's Eco Conscious programme and with the clear aim of reducing the carbon footprint on the planet, Mattonella has a high mineral composition that makes it more resistant to fire, blows or impacts and enhances the feeling of warmth thanks to its fired clay look.

Fitwall Cotto Serie Mattonella Anticato Krion Porcelanosa
Mattonella Anticato
Fitwall Cotto Serie Mattonella Rosato Krion Porcelanosa
Mattonella Rosato

Greater acoustic insulation indoors and outdoors

Mattonella creates unique spaces and can be installed indoors or outdoors as it does not absorb liquids. Easy to install (no construction work required), this piece improves acoustic and thermal insulation thanks to its high durability. A property certified by Euroclass Bs2d0, which endorses its use for residential and contract projects.

This decorative panel enhances the safety of each area and facilitates the cleaning of every corner thanks to its uniformity. In addition, the filler used in this collection allows for immediate repair and restores the original appearance to each panel.

Fitwall Cotto Serie Mattonella Bianco Krion Porcelanosa-1

Mattonella Bianco

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