January 2, 2020


The materials that inspire the kitchens of tomorrow

The most hygienic and high temperature resistant materials are preferred for use in kitchen furniture.

Gamadecor presents the most innovative components and finishes for the most modern kitchens. Krion® and XTone, a safe bet in countertops.

Creating a kitchen offers countless possibilities. It’s a job that demands responsibility, artistic awareness and knowledge of the functionality of the materials that can be used. You need to be familiar with the wide range of options in order to obtain a durable and timeless result.

An intelligent combination of elements is the key to designing an avant-garde kitchen that can withstand the different situations that take place every day in this part of the home.

That’s why the PORCELANOSA Group offers six different material packages to design a kitchen that is functional and innovative.

Laminates for cutting-edge kitchens

The latest Gamadecor technology is visible in its smooth and textured laminated panels. Its wide range of glossy and matte colours, covered by a high-pressure layer up to 0.7 mm thick, allows creating uniform kitchens with no gaps. This visual continuity makes all the difference.

The Emotions kitchen furnishings feature a new technology known as a “pore-register synchronised” laminate, which allows the pores and cracks to integrate with the underlying decorative layer.

Chapado madera Cocina E6 Roble Torrefacto Gamadecor Porcelanosa

Layers with nanotechnology for an anti-fingerprint finish

This finish consists of a 19-mm chipboard covered with a high-pressure layer up to 0.7 mm thick (similar to laminate). Its two options, matte (Ghost) and glossy (Glass), convey an avant-garde design with an anti-fingerprint surface and a technology that repels oil and grease. A clean and fresh kitchen every day.

Estratificado Cocina E3.70 Blanco Glass Blanco Emotions Mate Cristal Transparente Gamadecor Porcelanosa

Lacquers inspired by the toughness of diamonds

To achieve a diamond effect that prevents the surface lines typical of knives or sharp objects, lacquer is the most resistant material. Its medium-density fibreboard in a matte or glossy finish yields a perfect union between joints and a brilliant shine in the glossy lacquer.

Laca mate Cocina E4.40 Limo Mate Roble Puro cristal transparente Gamadecor Porcelanosa

Wood for rustic kitchens

Wood can be used to achieve a more natural kitchen with that rustic touch and a superior aesthetic. Its regular grains and patterns are printed on the furniture, resulting in a vintage, yet cutting-edge, space.

Kitchens created with a carved wood veneer undergo a delicate surface brushing process that highlights the hard wood grains, yielding an “ageing” effect while maintaining a sophisticated design.

Madera labrada Cocina E7 Roble Negro Gamadecor Porcelanosa

Krion, the antibacterial material

Krion™ is a solid surface created from natural minerals and high strength resins. This is one of the most used materials when installing kitchens, since it can withstand high temperatures and resist impacts without altering its natural look.

It also keeps bacteria from spreading without any kind of additive, ensuring the ultimate hygiene and safety when handling food.

XTone, the Urbatek solution for the most demanding kitchens

The large ceramic sheets can be used to create innovative kitchens thanks to the multiple possibilities they offer in terms of shades and graining. One of the most notable technical characteristics of XTone is its natural antibacterial properties, which prevent the release of volatile organic compounds (VOC). In addition, its zero porosity prevents odour build-up and the passage of liquids and gases.

Finishes for future-proof kitchens that adapt to constantly changing designs.

Xtone Cocina E9.30 XLight Liem Dark Silk E7.90 Roble Cuero Premium Gamadecor Porcelanosa

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