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Marble kitchen worktops: a trend that never passes

Among all the materials used to make countertops, there is one that stands out from the rest for its unique appeal and for being on-trend year after year: the marble. This natural stone enchants architects and interior designers alike and turns any space into a work of art, a glamorous and sophisticated point that attract all the glances.

However, as well as advantages, there are some drawbacks to using this surface, especially when it comes to worktops. In this regard, marble is a material that absorbs liquid, which is far from ideal in a place like a kitchen, where stains are common when preparing and cooking food. Moreover, its low resistance to scratch and chemical aggression discourage its application in this area, as it increases deterioration and the need for maintenance.

marble kitchen worktops
Product: Kala White by Urbatek

The perfect alternative to marble kitchen top

The solution to this problem is in marble finish ceramic tiles, which combine the aesthetic advantages of the marble kitchen countertops with the benefits of ceramics. Firstly, the non-porosity of this functional material prevents the absorption of liquids and gases, facilitating its cleaning and hygiene. Furthermore, it is remarkably resistant to scratching with cutting utensils, so that you can chop vegetables directly on top of the worktop without fear of damaging it. Lastly, it is available in a greater variety of patterns and colours that you can find in nature. Therefore, we can say without no doubt that ceramic tiles offer many more possibilities than natural stone in this regard.

That said, it is time to explain the different options of using marble effect kitchen worktops, which merge brilliantly with wood, stone and other materials of the moment, as is the case of stainless steel, and give the kitchen a timeless appeal. Below you will find a series of real projects inspired by modern marble kitchen designs.

marble kitchen countertops
Credit: @ryzup_kitchen
Product: Lush White by Urbatek 

1. Creating a new version of black marble kitchen

If you are looking to make a statement with your kitchen renovation, black worktops are an excellent solution. To amplify the result, use the same black marble finish tile in the backsplash area and combine it with white cabinets. It will create a sleek and sophisticated atmosphere.

marble kitchen worktop
Credit: @dsinterieurs
Product: Liem Black by Urbatek

2. Extending tiles up to the ceiling

A light-toned marble finish splashback adds a touch of luxe to the room, even more so if you installed them on the entire wall. Besides, combined with worktops of the same material and white cabinetry, it will enhance the appearance of your kitchen.

white marble kitchen countertops
Credit: @reformashogarsl
Product: Glem White by Urbatek

3. Creating modern marble kitchen designs

A grey kitchen can be as timeless as a white one but only if you pay sufficient attention to the materials and forms. You can add a touch of modernity and style playing with textures, using different finishes and creating attractive structures. We leave you with a magnificent example, in which the designer has combined tiles with different tones and kitchen cabinets in various finishes, using for the worktop a large format tile with marble effect.  

black work tops
Credit: @fiarquitecura
Product: Liem Grey by Urbatek

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