April 27, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Marble in interior design: experience timelessness with Caspian Grey and Aspen White from L’Antic Colonial

Marble is a material which is always in demand in interior design. It is a timeless natural stone of noble character, whose classical essence beautifies interior designs greatly.

It is a fact that marble, specifically the Carrara marble, was habitually used in Ancient Greece, but it is even more amazing how nowadays it is still a design trend for exclusive projects. However, the contemporary interior design goes beyond the white veining of ancient marble, therefore, offering new finishes and tones, ranging from grey and white to earth colours.

Caspian Grey and Aspen White: personality in the new stones by L’Antic Colonial

Because of the remarkable success of the marble in both design and architecture, L’Antic Colonial reinvents itself to offer new series of marble. The firm specialised in natural materials from the PORCELANOSA Group therefore presents Caspian Grey and Aspen White, two new collections with a high-level of elegance and authenticity.

Caspian Grey

The Caspian Grey collection consists of a dark grey marble with white veining which stands out because of its excellence and Asian origin. It is an elegant marble with a simple touch which can suit any space and decorative style. Despite being a dark and deep material, the shine itself provided by the material gives off a lot of light to the room in which it is installed. With regard to the format, Caspian Grey is available in the following formats; 30x60x1,5 cm and 40x80x1,5 cm, and also in the 2cm slab, and always in a polished finish.

Aspen White

Unlike the Caspian Grey, the Aspen White by L’Antic Colonial is a white marble with grey and brown veining in a polished finish and European origin. This design is included into the Heritage collection, being available only in the 2cm slab. It is also suitable for cutting with regard to specific measurement requirements.

With regard to its aesthetics, it is amazing how the Aspen White marble is able to convey great character thanks to the patterns made by the veining. It is both remarkable and unique in the wide range of possibilities regarding natural stone, offered by L’Antic Colonial.

It is worth highlighting the availability of a slab in both series when carrying out customised cutting work with the 2cm slab. This means that both Caspian Grey and Aspen White allow for product customisation, therefore, suiting any space and project perfectly.

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