July 27, 2022


Marble, a contemporary classic in decoration

From light colours such as ecru or white, to striking shades of green or pink, this metamorphic rock stands out due to its refined and versatile appearance

Marble is historically one of the most widely used materials, in fields as diverse as construction and art. Having been linked to the classic style for many years, it is currently a key trend in decoration within different spaces and styles.

When it comes to the home, kitchen countertops and the bathrooms are the spaces where this material is most likely to be used. However, its use is also becoming more common in living rooms, bedrooms or in ornamental pieces such as vases or furniture.

Varied shades

Marble is a timeless, elegant and versatile natural stone. There is a large family of metamorphic rocks, which includes Travertino. This porous variety is discreet and versatile, the epitome of Zen decoration. It can be used to increase light and the sensation of space in your rooms, while maintaining the neutral tones.

The other versions of marble which are the most recognisable and the most used are Calacatta and Carrara. In fact, these inspired Krion to create one of its most natural and classic designs, Calacatta Grey, in its new Alluslate® material. These large-format, easy-to-install aluminium decorative panels can be combined with other natural materials, such as the Classic Herringbone Grey parquet by L'Antic Colonial, and then finished with metallic elements such as the Oxo Titanium taps by Noken.

Within the wide range of colours offered by marble, there are multiple different shades, and each can give a spark of character to your space. This is true for XTONE Onice Green sintered mineral compact, which can be accompanied by more elaborate pieces such as the Lignage Taps in brushed gold or the Oval Lounge Bathtub, both by Noken.

Marble and wood, a natural combination

Wood is one of the most popular materials to combine with marble. As well as breaking with its aesthetic, it works to create a modern and comfortable atmosphere, together with the elegance of the marble. It is common to see this fusion in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, as it counters the harshness of natural stone and adds a touch of warmth. These compositions frequently feature other elements such as mosaics (Gravity Aluminium Shell Gold by L'Antic Colonial) or decorative profiles (Butech) that enhance their attributes.

Today, the use of marble has spread to different styles beyond the classic, and it can also be seen in minimalist, Nordic and Mediterranean styles. Its technical characteristics, resistance, easy cleaning and durability among them, allow it to be installed in complicated spaces such as on kitchen counters. On the other hand, its texture and porosity (offering high resistance to steam) make marble the ideal material for damp areas.

But marble has other values all its own, such as its refined elegance or the seductive natural aesthetic that favours its use in other spaces. Try it in rooms where the combination of floor, wall and furniture in neutral tones conveys a unique feeling of warmth, as is the case with the Persian White, Habana Dark or Aston marbles from L'Antic Colonial, in either Classic or Polished finishes.

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