June 27, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Luxury jewellery designed with KRION® K-Life

The designer, Verónica Mar, has designed luxury jewellery with this mineral compact.The 33 pieces pay homage to femininity and the taste for sobriety.

The  KRION® mineral compact K-Life has a place in luxury jewellery, designed by the designer, Verónica Mar. This material from Systempool, the company that belongs to the PORCELANOSA Group, shows all its characteristics in the ‘Alma’ collection, ode to femininity and casual elegance. Sustainable luxury for any occasion.

Thermocurvable fineness

The 33 pieces which the designer has done herself by hand, come in the shape of: rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The KRION® Solid Surface’s white characteristic exudes purity, brightness and distinction. The thermocurvable features of this material have made it possible for the designer to be able to shape each composition to her very own liking.

The quality and innovation of K-Life improve air quality, thanks to photocatalysis. As well as that, there are other features such as: cleaning and the elimination of chemical products, and the antibacterial effect.

Cutting-edge daily use

The ‘Alma’ series by Verónica Mar, brings the KRION® material together with gold, silver and wood. Pieces which in October, will be showcased in the Ateliers Courbet gallery in New York, together with furniture that the designer has also designed.

The collection, which reflects the leading edge character from the Porcelanosa Group joins the strength and proportionality of the geometry which is present in everyday actions. Limited edition sobriety.

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