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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: A 'lunar station' in Madrid's Hospital La Paz featuring Krion® structures

Krion, part of PORCELANOSA Group, is donating the mineral compact to the Fundación Juegaterapia (Play Therapy Foundation) to refurbish their Paediatric Haematology and Oncology department rooms.

The Paediatric Haematology and Oncology Service at Madrid's Hospital La Paz has upgraded its four isolation rooms with Krion® K-mineral compact after a donation from Krion, of PORCELANOSA Group, to the Fundación Juegaterapia. Designed as lunar stations, the refurbishment aims to create "a special and fun setting that's as friendly as possible" for children with special requirements and the family members who accompany them.

Humanising healthcare

The Fundación Juegaterapia project has transformed the hospital rooms into futuristic spaces wherechildren can pretend to be astronauts and play with the electronic resources in the rooms, as a way of humanising the healthcare the young patients need.

Each 'space station' has lighting that simulates moonlight which the children themselves can change to how they want it. To achieve their mission, each little astronaut can use a talking and moving robot, as well as virtual reality goggles and a projector which turns the room's ceiling into a starry sky.

The room's control panel and wall coverings have been designed using the Krion® mineral compact K-Lifein pure white, backlit to mimic the colour of outer space on its surface. Added to these colour properties, the surface also has bactericidal powers. Thanks to its photocatalytic nature, it eliminates microorganisms from its surface and helps to improve air quality to the benefit of those around it.

The sterile material also benefits from unnoticeable joints and zero porosity, is resistant to blows and chemical agents, and is hygienic and easy to clean. Installing the material in health centres makes spaces more hygienic and healthy because it prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

The Paediatric Haematology and Oncology Service started out in 1965, and was the first paediatric unit to treat children with cancer in Spain. By 2016, over 2,500 children with cancer had received treatment from the service, making it the third leading Spanish hospital in terms of the number of cases registered. 

Photo: Esmeralda Martín

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