March 17, 2016 | Updated: December 18, 2018


Lounge Wellness Showers: shower sensations for every mood

Achieving maximum comfort while enlivening and awakening the senses are just a few of the objectives by Noken, the PORCELANOSA Group firm, when configuring its products for bathroom equipment. Escaping from everyday stress in the shower is now possible thanks to the Lounge shower head innovation, a series of shower heads with chromotherapy that combine the magic of water with different colour cycles. The goal: to adapt the bathing experience to the moods and convey a positive effect on physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Rain, column, waterfall and spray

Thanks to these shower heads, it is now possible to convert the bathroom into a spa. The harmonious relaxation that gives the oscillating explosion of light and colour, Lounge Wellness Showers, add the possibility to opt for different spouts: rain, column and spray or rain, column and waterfall. According to the user experience, one can select one option or another, ensuring maximum warmth and relaxation.

Energy, Relax & Sensations

Regarding colour experiences which chromotherapy offers, it is worth stressing that the Lounge shower heads allows you to opt for sixteen different colours, using a highly functional and intuitive remote control. There are three programs available in the colour range: there are three programs available in the colour range: Energy, which stores the energy and vibrancy of warm colours; Relax, which opts for the temperance and serenity of cool colours; and Sensations, collecting the synergy of the first two.

There are several studies that certify chromotherapy as a fully functional and beneficial practise to the user. The combination of the water program, together with different kinds of colours can contribute to establishing an emotional balance, as well as achieving that much needed rest after arriving home.

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