February 9, 2024


Creative alliance between Lotta Agaton Interiors and PORCELANOSA at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024 has witnessed the collaboration between Porcelanosa and interior design studio Lotta Agaton Interiors.

Lotta Agaton Interiors is known for its focus on commercial and residential projects. Since its inception in 2004, it has stood out as one of the leading Scandinavian design studios. At the Scandinavian Furniture Show meeting, the alliance between Lotta Agaton and Porcelanosa has brought to life a space that embodies elegance and functionality. The result presents the fusion of the studio’s distinctive vision with the timeless quality of Porcelanosa products.

Visitors to the Stockholm Furniture Fair at the Porcelanosa stand.

Lotta Agaton Interiors + Porcelanosa

After more than 20 years, Lotta Agaton Interiors has established itself as a reference for the creation of spaces in the Scandinavian scene. Specialising in commercial projects and concepts for real estate developments, the studio approaches residential and commercial projects with a meticulous approach. The creation of this exhibition space is the consequence of Lotta Agaton’s stylised vision in conjunction with the different PORCELANOSA Group brands. A perfect combination of Scandinavian aesthetics with dedication to design.

Lotta Agaton Interiors’ space for Porcelanosa

The stand, measuring more than 100 m², has been conceptualised as a “PORCELANOSA Hotel”. In it, neutral and natural tones prevail, thus reflecting the connection with nature, so characteristic of Scandinavian design.

From the reception, with a marble-effect XTONE Invisible White counter, to the lounge area with Gamadecor Stripes sofas and custom-made coffee tables, every element conveys elegance and functionality.

The kitchen, with fronts in Copper Oak wood, stands out for its modern aesthetics and long-lasting quality. The large-format XTONE Bottega Bottega Caliza Nature ceramic worktop completes the well-balanced design.

The environments designed by Lotta Agaton Interiors for the Porcelanosa stand.

The hotel room has been equipped with Gamadecor elements combined with exclusive designs. Meanwhile, a careful combination of textile-effect ceramics and natural wood floors envelop the space with warmth.

The bathroom showcases a fusion of stone-effect ceramics and matt black accessories. The result is the creation of a space with a sophisticated aesthetic.

In the Juice Bar area, the straight-lined counters in Krion® are combined with the textures and reliefs of the decorative panels Fitwall® on the walls. In this way, Lotta Agaton’s expertise is reflected in every corner of the stand.

The combination of Scandinavian aesthetics with Porcelanosa products has been a focal point for the attendees. At Stockholm Furniture Fair, the alliance between Lotta Agaton Interiors and Porcelanosa represents the convergence of unique styles and talents. This collaboration also reinforces Porcelanosa’s presence in the Scandinavian market.

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