17 March 2021 | Updated: 22 March 2021


Coffee tables to gain space and improve the appearance of your living room

Circular, rectangular and hexagonal. Made of wood, glass, steel or porcelain…coffee tables help you to keep books and magazines tidy while adding an original touch to the decoration of your home.

Coffee tables and sofas are indispensable features of our  living rooms. As well as providing a surface for jugs, vases, books and magazines, this versatile piece of furniture can be used for storage or to separate areas in the room to create a more attractive space.

The way in which the living room is used and organised will change according to the shape of the coffee table and its position (in front of the sofa or beside it), encouraging us to organise activity around it, making better use of space. Low and adjustable coffee tables are convenient and easy to use, especially if they are at the right height for the sofa.



Coffee table designs Which one is right for you?

Circular, rectangular, square, oval or hexagonal, coffee tables have become the perfect accessory for the interior designer. Whether it is made of marble, glass, wood or ceramics, this piece of furniture will bring an original touch to the living room.

#01.Small stone coffee tables

Stone coffee tables are used as decoration and are suitable for more classical or vintage living when combined with cotton or hide rugs and natural leather Chesterfield armchairs.

#02.Marble coffee tables

Marble coffee tables are an elegant choice. With its veins and shine, this resilient, classic material gives the room a solemn touch and is the perfect partner for open wooden bookcases, chandeliers and leather sofas.

#03.Black marble coffee tables

Black Marquina marble is a classic that never goes out of fashion. XTONE Nylo Noir Polished coffee tables are a fine example. Their texture and veins combine the luxurious style and elegance of marble in a metal structure that blends classical and modern in a single design.

#04.Grey marble coffee tables

Thanks to its subtle, neutral style, a coffee table that simulates grey marble (XTone Liem Grey Nature / Liem Black Nature) is suitable for any type of living room where strength and sobriety are wanted.

#05.Round coffee tables

A coffee table like XTONE White Nature is the ideal choice for anyone looking for uniform lines and smooth shapes. This pure white table has metal legs that streamline its appearance and invite people to gather round it.

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