October 22, 2020 | Updated: 26 November 2020


Linkfloor Multiformat, the fashionable vinyl flooring

This L'Antic Colonial collection reproduces the grains and the brightness of natural wood in five different shades and adapts to any type of project thanks to its perfect finishes.

L'Antic Colonial from PORCELANOSA Group has perfected the design and finishes of its Linkfloor collection with a more dynamic range called Linkfloor Multiformat. It is a combinable vinyl flooring that reproduces the grains and the brightness of natural wood in five shades: Bronze, Coffee, Cream, Silver and Taupe.

The main new feature of this series is its format, with slats in three different sizes, which range from 8.3 cm, 14.6 cm and 22.86 cm wide by 152.4 cm in length and with a thickness of 0.55 cm.

A versatile collection that adapts to any space

Due to the versatility of each of its pieces, Linkfloor Multiformat adapts to any space thanks to the realistic finishes.

 "This collection represents the culmination of the new generation of vinyl flooring due to its multiformat and wide range of colours, which allows each project to be customised to the user", explains L'Antic Colonial.

Its fast and simple installation without the need for labour, easy cleaning and high resistance to humidity and extreme temperatures reinforce the safety of spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms and allow for the creation of unlimited more natural rooms.



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