November 9, 2022 | Updated: August 2, 2023


Modern kitchen lighting

In the preparation areas, at the hob, at the taps and on the table, it will enhance the user's comfort while cooking

Natural and artificial light is an integral part of kitchen décor, both in terms of aesthetics and practicality. The choices we make have the power to completely transform this room.

When it comes to making good use of these lighting resources, natural light should be used to the maximum and LED profiles should be placed to brighten up the areas where lighting is scarce. The best option is to divide the kitchen according to its different functions and to brighten up the light in the kitchen.

General lighting in the room

It is essential to have more constant and uniform light in the kitchen area. When it comes to this room, it is advisable to have one spotlight per square metre. If we have a kitchen island (E7.30 Altissima Via Lactea from Gamadecor), we can decorate it with pendant lamps, a good option for avoiding glare and adding an aesthetic touch (Flat Lamp from Gamadecor).

Illuminated furnishings

LED profiles are the perfect complement to illuminate surfaces and glass cabinets, enhance volumes and create ambience. LED lights do not give off heat, so they can be installed inside pantries. They are usually installed in the lower portion of a cabinet or inside and outside drawers, adding that aesthetic touch and allowing you to see everything that is kept inside.

In the case of a glass cabinet, in addition to being a storage and display space, you can also use the Pro-mate 45 TOP light LED profiles to brighten up this area.

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