February 2, 2022


How to use effective lighting to gain warmth and wellness in the home

Making sure you have good lighting is as important as the décor scheme you choose for your home.

Lighting is a fundamental element of the home, and the way you use it in your interior design (whether direct, indirect, or ambient warm or cooler lighting) will make your home feel one way or another.

Here are a number of practical tips from PORCELANOSA to help you with your home lighting: bring out your home's authentic side and give every inch of your home a welcoming and stylish look.

Use kitchen lighting to gain space

Before you go ahead and start fitting your lighting, you should first zone the various areas of your kitchen (work, dining or storage) and find lighting solutions that suit the purpose of each area.

You'll get the best results (think bright and orderly) if you go for LED downlights fitted into the ceiling. It means you can direct the lighting towards your working areas - and reduce your energy consumption.

Another possibility is to go for ceiling lights, which make for bright spaces with added design credentials. The Geo or Drop glass bulb pendant light by Gamadecor are perfect examples of how you can add uniform and direct lighting to your kitchen. What's more, you can use these lights to tie the design of your kitchen and dining room together, giving you continuity and a spacious feel.

Backlight your dining room with profile lighting

If you're thinking about a bright and balanced living room design, your best bet is to go for neutral colours on the walls and floors (white, beige, sand or grey), and orient your furniture to the outdoors to make the most of natural light.

If you want to brighten up this zone, you could also position floor or table lamps to the side of the sofa (great for reading) or backlight the area with Pro-light decorative profiles by Butech. If you want to give your décor a boost with a system like this, we advise working out the various living room zones (reading, relaxation and work) and deciding what type of light each area needs (warm, cool or soft).

Using the profiles alongside ceramic tiles or surrounding the sofa will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you want to create a more intimate feel in the room, you could use cosy candles or table lamps (Lio by Gamadecor) on your television unit.

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