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The new Lifestyle magazine issue: highlights from the Porcelanosa Awards and the 25th International Exhibition

This issue shows the main business milestones of the year.The ISA virtual assistant and the KRION® K-Life, the new Solid Surface generation, are among the latest innovations from the PORCELANOSA Group.

The new issue of Lifestyle magazine reviews the 2018 highlights and serves as a prelude to what is still to come. The most important business milestones for the PORCELANOSA Group are present in this 32nd issue of the magazine, such as the 11th Architecture and Interior Design Awards and the 25th Global Architecture and Interior Design Exhibition.

The Awards, held in the great Villa Magna hotel in Madrid, was a great festival of Architecture. The event was attended by the most distinguished personalities from the sector and a large number of celebrities. Among them, it is worth highlighting Nieves Álvarez, who presented and conducted different parts of the event.

The 32nd Lifestyle issue has all the details from this event, as well as the 25th Global Architecture and Interior Design International Exhibition. A meeting in which the eight firms from the Group showcased their latest innovations to the large audience who were in attendance. Architects, interior designers and designers all gathered for another year in this professional meeting that serves as a source of inspiration for future trends.

Cutting-edge technology to change the world

The PORCELANOSA Group has taken a step forward in 2018 in innovation and technology in materials and building products. This is the case of the ISA virtual assistant (Intelligent Surface Assistant), whose presentation took place at the International Exhibition and it was a revolution in terms of artificial intelligence.

In this new issue of Lifestyle, it is possible to discover what it is and understand why this feature has marked a before and after in the architectural world.

Beyond making the work of professionals easier, the PORCELANOSA Group's research is aimed at improving people's lives. This is the case of KRION® K-Life, the new Solid Surface generation that purifies the air, eliminates chemicals and allows for easy cleaning. Its operation and the projects in which it has been included are explained on the pages of the magazine.

Architecture as a central pillar

Professionals are the main attraction in this issue of Lifestyle. Javier Iribarren and Mark Fenwick, from Fenwick Iribarren Architects, speak about how to face the challenge of each work and what the link is between architecture and sport in an extensive interview. The central axis of their work.

The French studios, Pierre-Yves Rochon, Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet (Studio MHNA), and Oscar Ono (Maison Numéro 20), clarify the French savoir faire and the harmony that exists between technology, new materials, sustainability and luxury.

In the section, the projects with essence from the PORCELANOSA Group are: Marble House from the Openbox studio, the Uterqüe stores, the Suitopia hotel, Inglaterra house and the Trinquet de Pelayo.

Discover these and other reports in the 32nd issue of Lifestyle. Now available in PORCELANOSA Group showrooms or through this link.

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