January 22, 2018 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Large-format ceramic wood with the XLight Ewood by Urbatek

Ewood joins the high technology of a large-format (120cmx250cm) thin thickness (6mm) porcelain tile, together with the veining and texture characteristics. An excellent finish which is available in four high-definition patterns.

The most outstanding characteristic from this collection is the fact that despite its thin thickness, it provides high durability. It therefore becomes the ideal material for commercial spaces or façades which are exposed to external atmospheric agents. Additionally, its low porosity allows for bathrooms or spaces to be covered which are in contact with humidity and water, like the outside area of a pool or a spa.

Big colours

The wide range of colours provided by Ewood offers a huge number of decorative possibilities. The collection is available in lighter balanced tones just as Ewood Honey is, as well as others which are more rustic and serene, such as Ewood Nut.

Ewood Camel

A toasted brown coloured wood which lets us see a sienna background of moderate saturation with a strong directionality in chestnut brown colour lines. A piece of magnificent richness in colour which makes all kinds of combinations possible.

Ewood Nut

A model which consists of a background with light chocolate brown colour tones and a dark brown colour, which show up the wood’s natural growth lines.

Its tones, which are full of energy, offer fineness as well, which allows for a comfortable, warm and sophisticated atmosphere to be created.

Ewood Honey

A range of tones in ecru and honey where, the veining of the rings can be seen in a chestnut brown. We are dealing with a design which provides any surface with brightness and spaciousness.

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