November 8, 2021


Porcelanosa's large format tiles make waves in new interior design

Thanks to their large format and natural-look finishes, PORCELANOSA Group's ceramic tile collections inspired by stone, cement, marble or wood can be used to create limitless spaces.

If you're thinking about a redesign to give your home a more spacious, modern feel, one option is to use large format tiles by PORCELANOSA in your main rooms. Ceramic tiles in XL format are trending in new interior design. Why? Because of the numerous advantages and benefits they offer compared with more traditional formats: Breadth, improved safety, cleanliness and faster installation times.

These are properties central to the Bern and Manhattan Colonial (PAR-KER®) collections by PORCELANOSA, and the XTONE®, sintered mineral compact, which comes in a large format perfect for creating uninterrupted spaces - inside or out thanks to the material's innovative design. Next let's take a look at how you can achieve this look.

Large format tiles for gleaming kitchens

We're spending more and more time in the kitchen, and it's become the central hub of the home. It's where we cook, chat with family, snack with friends or read. So gaining space and giving natural light a boost are two things sure to improve the space.

At PORCELANOSA, we recommend using large format tiles on your floors and walls to link the space with the rest of your property. If you're looking for the open-plan, industrial look, Berna Acero or Berna Caliza wall and floor tiles will give your kitchen a contemporary, sober look.

Inspired by natural stone, this range of tiles features a simple colour palette that couples perfectly with black lacquered furniture, globe pendant lighting and aluminium stools.

If you're looking for more of a natural look in your kitchen which extends to the dining area or terrace, you could go for PAR-KER® Manhattan Colonial ceramic parquet flooring. This range not only gives you the warm look of wood, but offers excellent resistance against temperature changes, impacts and moisture, as well as improved safety and a tidy look for your kitchen.

Another option would be to create a play of textures by combining white ceramic wall tiles with large format floor tiles that reproduce the stunning sheen of marble, such as Fiori di Bosco (XTONE®). It's the perfect way to create the designer kitchen-dining room look, in a palette of greys that works well with hardwood furniture, minimalist lighting or black velvety armchairs.

Large format tiles for bathrooms and bedrooms

In areas of the home where you're looking for a more tranquil aesthetic such as bathrooms and bedrooms, we suggest you aim for a monochrome design in neutral tones (white, grey, beige or ivory).

Large format ceramic tiles such as Indic or Fontana, or Calacatta marble-inspired tiles (Viola or Paonazzo Biondo collections by XTONE®) will make your space feel brighter and enhance your overall room scheme. You could incorporate Butech's Pro-Part metallic profiles to add a bit of variation to the natural textures of your walls, add a balanced contrast - and protect the corners.

Bored of the monochrome aesthetic? You might prefer to inject some colour: try green large format Alpi (XTONE®) or Marquina Black (XTONE®) tiles. Marking a return to the premium marble look, they can be used as a backdrop for your headboard or on your bedroom walls, and work well against grey textiles, Nordic style tables and cylindrical table lamps.

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