August 25, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


L’Antic Colonial – Versatile natural stone for houses

Natural Stone has a timeless and elegant touch that makes it the perfect element for all kinds of rooms. The genuine feel of its textures and the natural materials used in L’Antic Colonial are full of contrasts and forged with the utmost respect for the environment, which contributes to creating customised settings that always prove to be unique.But not only is it beautiful to look at; other features of natural stone also make it special, such as its resistance and performance as a thermal insulator. And here, one can begin to understand that this is an element used in the most diverse projects, from façades to coverings for interiors, as tiling for fireplaces.

One example of the PORCELANOSA Group’s use of natural Stone can be found in the Dallas house, where the project’s supervisors used the Globe Castle Bruma series to tile some of the walls in the kitchen, dining room and sitting room. This modern combination has provided the whole project with a certain continuity thanks to the finishes used in all three areas. This is an example of how the rustic appearance of the natural stone has conferred a degree of warmth to the atmosphere and created spaces in which to spend time in absolute comfort.

The Globe Castle Bruma natural Stone collection by L’Antic Colonial is suitable for use as tiling in and out of doors, and is ideal to create an ambience with character that combines modernity and tradition, thanks to its 3.9×15.7 inch format, which is reminiscent of traditional flag stone. By combining pieces in different sizes, the effect of natural stone tiles proves timeless, and irregularity is the key to success.

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