April 10, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


L’Antic Colonial Signature Spaces: Terma by Ramón Esteve

We continue to discover the signature spaces designed by renowned international professionals with L’Antic Colonial natural materials for the 21st PORCELANOSA Group International Exhibition. Today, we are going to focus on the space designed by Ramón Esteve for the company’s showroom: Terma.

The architect from Valencia proposes an enchanting bathroom space inspired by natural settings from volcanic activities where well-being prevails thanks to the relaxing power of thermal waters.

The space is separated in two areas by means of a dividing wall which marks the different uses of the space. The main feature in the public area is a Habana Dark marble free-standing sculptural bathtub and an attractive wash basin. The more private areas such as the shower and the toilet are set in the background, behind the dividing wall.

The dividing wall is covered with a unique backlit wood and stone mosaic tiles, creating a gentle diffuse lighting. The outer walls are also covered with Desert Sandstone BIOprot by L’Antic Colonial, and are placed at various depths to allow a subtle light to shine through.

The quest for harmony, serenity and atemporality defines Ramón Esteve’s work and this space. He used geometric shapes, combining different elements and textures such as wood or stone, which is where he masterfully used the lighting. These characteristics have led this architect to win awards such as the COACV Architecture Award, the 2013 Architecture Plus Award, or the ADVC 2009 Gold Award.

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