May 7, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


L’Antic Colonial Signature Spaces: Nuno Brandão

Nuno Brandão, the outstanding disciple of Eduardo Souto de Moura, has designed a new space for the L’Antic Colonial showroom with his characteristic minmalism and geometric concept of design.

The Portuguese architect proposes a contemporary and comfortable setting. The space is set around a Polished Persian White marble block which is a bathroom on its interior. The bathroom is equipped with a Khoa bathtub made in Blanco Athenas marble.

The living room and bedroom are on the sides of the space, separated by the bathroom. A touch of warmth was achieved with the L’Antic Colonial Eden Texture Nut hardwood. This flooring fits in perfectly with the different Blanco Athenas Classico BIOprot marble elements such as a table and a shelf which determine the function of each space.

The informal and youthful layout creates a fluid space which naturally moves between one space and another. However, high-quality materials and the design’s symmetry create an elegant space, a typical feature of Nuno Brandão’s work.

The space’s decorative touch comes from the British designer, Jasper Morrison. He incorporated different pieces of furniture to the setting, adding a touch of colour to this modern space, designed for the showroom of the firm that is specialised in natural materials at PORCELANOSA Group.

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