November 16, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


L’Antic Colonial renews its designs in natural stone with new finishes and formats

The elegance, sobriety and timelessness provided by natural stone to decoration have turned this material into one of the most versatile and attractive for any kind of interior design.

The intrinsic properties of the material such as hardness, resistance and heat insulation which provide the rooms in which it is installed with functionality and comfort, are added to its aesthetic beauty. With the aim of getting a wider range of possibilities, L’Antic Colonial has presented new finishes and colours in its natural stone collections, placing emphasis on marble and travertines.

Amsterdam White: the elegance and brightness from white marble

L’Antic Colonial, in its Amsterdam White natural stone collection, includes a whitish marble with a strong greyish and bluish veining, available in three out of the four formats in this collection, Hexagon White, Hexagon 2D White and Wall White.

Specifically, the Hexagon White and Hexagon 2D White formats have the same features except for the relief, since the Hexagon 2D White format provides a two-dimensional look.

For its part, the Wall White format has three-piece lengths (50cm, 40cm and 20cm), with the aim of increasing the combination possibilities to create wall tiles with a sense of movement and a heterogeneous appearance.

Nairobi Grey: marble with a personality all of its own

One of the other latest designs in marble is the Nairobi Grey, natural stone with greyish tones and available in a Classico and Pulido finish.

Furthermore, it also has different formats to better meet users’ demands. Therefore, to the two most standardised formats from L’Antic Colonial, in other words, 30cmx60cm and 40cmx80cm, the 2cm thick format is added, which has been specially aimed at special situations where the firm from the PORCELANOSA Group meets its customers’ demands.

Ocean Wood Classico: the most versatile travertine with a geometric aesthetics

Regarding the travertine, L’Antic Colonial adds the Ocean Wood Classico as an outstanding novelty. Its new 10cmx25cm rhomboid format allows for higher versatility regarding its installation, and it can be combined together with the Silk Wood Classico and Silver Wood Classico collections in this same format.

In this way, we can get the greyish and bluish tone of this stone to be excellently combined with the cream colours of these latest models.

Additionally, Ocean Wood is also available in the 30cmx60cm and 40cmx80cm formats; together with the finest extended model in a 10cmx60cm format.

This wide range of formats contributes to fulfilling the objectives set in every project while offering a huge number of aesthetic possibilities, both for flooring and wall tiles, making the most of the natural freshness, character and personality of natural stone.

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