October 31, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


L’Antic Colonial starts the mosaic revolution through Stone, Glass and Metal

The mosaic revolution has arrived through natural stone, metal and glass. Star materials which show this season’s pure trends through extreme combinations of colour and excellent exclusive design textures.

At the Cersaie 2017 Bologna Fair, the visitors were left feeling dazzled by L’Antic Colonial because of its new collections from the stone mosaics, glass mosaics and metal mosaics series, therefore, showing its strong commitment to these kinds of pieces which are able to provide any interior wall tile with personality and distinction. 

Stone Mosaics: the touch and feel of natural stone 

One of the purest and most authentic collections, namely natural stone, plays a major role in all its essence in the Stone Mosaics series. Marble, travertine, slate and volcanic stone are the chosen materials that make up five defined models and the essence of which take us to the real stone age through current innovative designs.

Toscana, through its Firenze and Massa references, turns out to be the lightest and brightest collection. The purity of the white marble together with its different types of tesserae with engraving, rough stamp or soft to touch finishes depending on the material variety. However, one can find the opposite finish in Skyline, since the darkest slate makes up its two models: Wave Dark and Blind Dark. Both of them with sinuous lines and geometrical shapes which provide spaces with both modernism and innovation.

The other collections which appear among the natural stone mosaics are Weft , with its Beige and Grey references, which show the travertine in soft tones; Universe, which includes four models with a porous touch because of the volcanic stone that they are made of: Aurora, Dusk, Hexagon Green and Hexagon Blue; and last but not least, Form which provides six innovative models which combine travertine and marble, and which are divided into the Hub White, Hub Cream and Hub Brown and in the Abstract White, Abstract Cream and Abstract Brown. 

Glass Mosaics: highly-transparent designs

Furthermore, Aqua and Glaze, make up the latest designs from the Glass Mosaics. Aqua meets the demands of a Mediterranean-inspired mosaic which conveys depth in its models which are able to take you into a fresh uninhibited atmosphere. For its part, Glaze extends its collection through four new designs which show a design that reminds us of a textile mesh. A design of great style and environmental friendliness, since it is manufactured with recycled glass. Glaze Denim Bottle Dark, Glaze Denim Bottle Light, Glaze Denim Rhombus Dark and Glaze Denim Rhombus Light are the models which complete this collection. 

Metal Mosaics: mosaics with metal skin 

The hardness and freshness of metal are portrayed in the new models from the Gravity collection in the Metal Mosaics series. Trace Metal, Trace Gold and Trace Rose Gold will remind us of the arrowhead style through large-format tesserae which will maintain the colours and the uniqueness of these elegant mosaics.

Along with Gravity, one can find the Worn collection, a design made of metal in its Copper and Verdigris models, and combined with natural stone in its other pieces: Hexagon Copper and Hexagon Verdigris. Worn shows a vintage aspect which reminds us of the passage of time through an aged metal finish, similar to rust.

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