November 28, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


L’Antic Colonial extends its collection in natural wood and starts the Custom period of the Linkfloor Wall Contract

The warmth, purity and timelessness provided by natural wood have turned it into one of the most sought after and used materials in both interior and exterior design. L´Antic Colonial, with the aim of enhancing the decorative possibilities of this material, adds two new floorings to its series of natural wood: Downtown and Nature. Fresh innovative designs which are able to provide any space with various sensations, as well as unique and distinctive touches.

Additionally, the firm impresses with the possibility of customising one of its other most highlighted materials, which is none other than Linkfloor Wall Contract Custom. Vinyl fabric which is placed on a layer of polyester that stands out because of the warmth, resistance and cosy atmosphere conveyed to the walls in all types of projects.

Downtown: dynamism and uniqueness in wood atmospheres

The Downtown collection offers great dynamism and perspective to the space thanks to its special format in a 90 degree herringbone pattern. Flooring, which is available in serene colours like Black Amber and Grey Payne, with black and greyish-bluish finishes, respectively. There are also colour ranges of natural wood which are smoother and warmer, such as Downtown Clear and Neutral. We are dealing with two models based on a style full of freshness and purity through whitish tones which bank on a fine, pure atmosphere full of harmony.

Nature: wood in its purest essence

In the Nature collection, one can see wood which has been treated less. The amount of knots in the wood is less than standard, thus, highlighting and enhancing the pattern itself, along with the texture of the wood.

Nature presents five colour tones (Grey, Brown, White, Natural and Toasted), which range from natural conventional tones to the most contemporary ones. A wide colour range which allows for a huge number of aesthetic combinations and possibilities, therefore, meeting the most exquisite demands and tastes.

Additionally, this collection is provided with a subtle brushed finish which provides the piece with higher visual lightness and a more natural look. We are dealing with a design which has a fine 3.5mm-thick layer and 220cmx18cmx1.35cm slats in all its references except for the Toasted tone, which is different as far as the format is concerned, with a width of 17.3cm. This size variation is due to the fine layer’s thermo-treatment, which reduces the layer by a few millimetres when introduced into the kiln. This fact conditions the main advantage of the Toasted flooring, since all of the fine layer gets the same tone.

The comfort of Linkfloor, now in a Custom version

The resistance and elegance from the Linkfloor Contract series by L’Antic Colonial has a new competitive advantage: customisation. The firm’s commitment to progress and innovation has led to developing an innovative technique which allows for the digital printing of a picture in the vinyl fabric which is in the upper layer of the Linkfloor covering. In this case, the printing is carried out on the vinyl layer of the material in white.

The objective is to meet the decorative aesthetic needs of the people who, search for a unique customised design with the technical performance of the Linkfloor Wall Contract Custom.

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