September 22, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Laminated flooring by L’Antic Colonial: resistance and versatility in any project

Laminated flooring is presented as a floor tile option for any type of atmosphere. A cheaper alternative that allows high resistance and easy maintenance without sacrificing the authenticity and warmth that characterises natural materials.

With a strong natural beauty inspired by the wood extracted from the forest, the laminated flooring has many colours and real textures, capable of meeting the aesthetic needs of each project. In addition, it is a remarkably durable and resistant material, which can be installed in private spaces, as well as both commercial and high traffic projects.

PORCELANOSA Group, done by L’Antic Colonial, improves its laminate flooring day by day in order to extend its quality, versatility and natural essence to any room. Its variety of formats, up to 220cm long and 24 wide, characterise their adaptability, as well as the wide range of textures and shades, from the most intense and dark, to the most clear and serene, even with greyish tints.

Resistance is another of the great qualities of laminated flooring from L’Antic Colonial, as this allows for withstanding pressure, along with scratches and burns, and even ultraviolet light. It is also a material that repels dirt and dust, and furthermore, it is easy to both vacuum and maintain, as well as helping to create a most pleasant and hygienic room.

Another feature that stands out from the laminated flooring is its easy installation. It is not necessary to undertake any work at all with regard to the laying of this material. This fact reduces the time drastically and its system of union between slats allows it to be laid without the assistance of a floor layer.

Discover the projects in laminated flooring from L’Antic Colonial and recreate purity and a nature effect in your home, without sacrificing the high technical quality which PORCELANOSA Group’s materials guarantee.

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