24 June 2021


Krion expands its Luxury range with its most natural shade yet

The PORCELANOSA Group brand has added Coffee Cream to its range of colours, a new model inspired by the colours of hazelnuts, coffee and cinnamon.

The Luxury collection, manufactured with the Krion® LUX mineral compact, has become the ideal solution for the most exclusive of buildings. Containing two-thirds natural minerals and a low percentage of resins, this series takes the natural stone aesthetic one step further, making it the perfect partner for builders and architects.

This is why Krion Solid Surface took the decision to expand its range of colours with Coffee Cream, a nature-inspired, stone-look design that stands out for its sinuous veins in shades of hazelnut, coffee and cinnamon set against a delicate beige background. It simply exudes softness and sophistication, making it a great fit for all types of project.

Its applications are as varied as your imagination allows; from hotel lobbies, where you want to bring nature to the city; to restaurants looking to create a tranquil setting for diners; or shops seeking unique, exclusive furnishings.

Krion® L506 Coffee Cream Porcelanosa-2

Krion® L506 Coffee Cream

Coffee Cream, for the ultimate natural look

Coffee Cream may look delicate, but it has all the intrinsic properties you'd expect from a material developed by PORCELANOSA Group brand Krion.

  • The high mineral composition makes it incredibly durable and resistant, standing firm against scratches, blows and high traffic.
  • The material can be thermoformed, making it extra malleable and opening up endless design possibilities for both residential and contract projects.
  • The imperceptible joints mean you can create a sense of continuity in spaces, giving your room schemes the infinity look.
  • It is non-porous, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms. This makes it the perfect material for spaces where next-level hygiene is paramount, such as clinics or restaurants.
  • Easy to clean and maintain thanks to its non-porous properties and resistance to chemicals used in cleaning.

Coffee Cream is just one new addition to the wide range of options in the Luxury collection: Carrara Soft, Nacar, Snow Fall, Carrara Dark, Pompei, Beige Marfil, Grey Cement, Messina and Etna; and is the finishing touch to the Krion® Lux range, with more than 100 shades available.

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