8 October 2020


KRION™ submitted to virology testing to assess its performance

Virology Research Services Ltd laboratory carries out scientific research to check how two virus evolve on the compact mineral.

Rigorous scientific research has been carried out on PORCELANOSA Group's KRION™ Solid Surface to test the permanence of two types of virus: HCoV-NL63 (SARS-HCoV 2 family, non-fatal but with an impact on humans) and Influenza A (cause of common flu). Analysis from London based laboratory Virology Research Services Ltd tested the behaviour of the surface compared with others in a response to requests from its collaborators.

Following the modification of the ISO 21702 standard, testing after 2, 24 and 48 hours (for the Influenza A virus) and 24, 48 and 72 hours (for HCoV-NL63, human coronavirus), the results of the analysis showed a reduced permanence of coronavirus for KRION™ samples than plastic samples. "This is a major asset for construction materials, because infectious capacity is reduced in a short period of time" says a KRION™ representative.

Results and conclusions

After analysing and comparing the samples of viruses on both materials (KRION™ and plastics), the final results published by Virology Research Services offer several conclusions:

  • Applied to several KRION™ samples, the HCoV-NL63 human coronavirus reduces its infectious capacity by 82.22% at 24 hours (compared with a 55.28% reduction on plastics). After 48 hours, this capacity falls further by 97.25% compared with 98.45% in plastics, and reaches 98.22% (compared to 98.45%) after 72 hours.
  • In the case of Influenza A, the laboratory found an 88.75% reduction in virus infectivity on KRION™ compared with 18.44% on plastics in a 2 hour period. After the first 24 hours, the presence of the virus on KRION™ was 99.73% compared to 99.97% on plastic. After 48 hours, that percentage reached 99.98% (99.99% on plastic).

Since it was launched on the market in 2013, KRION™ solid surface has consolidated its position as one of the most advanced mineral compacts on the market. The material is perfect for use in the residential, hotel and catering sectors, thanks to its excellent resistance to impacts and solar radiation, its zero porosity, imperceptible joints and easy cleaning, all of which make for safer spaces.

KRION™ combines quality, health and efficiency, with a sterile composition that prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

"KRION™ combines quality, health and efficiency, with a sterile composition that prevents the proliferation of bacteria. This is an innovative product that improves the hygiene of any surface without altering it, and promotes the reuse of resources thanks to its eco-friendly nature", states a KRION™ representative.


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