May 10, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


KRION®: the chameleonic material which makes the impossible possible

If there is a multifaceted multipurpose material which is able to meet the requirements of any project, then it is KRION®. The mineral compact from the PORCELANOSA Group reinvents architecture and renovates interior design by means of its commendable capacity of making the impossible possible.

The most demanding of projects become the real thing thanks to the KRION® Solid Surface, a material which opens the way to experimentation by both creating and coming up with the most outstanding of designs and the most striking of shapes.

Its pureness and materiality have made it a versatile mineral compact, which is warm to touch, together with its look of natural stone. The endless properties which are provided by its unique formula mean that it has become positioned at the forefront of state-of-the-art material, which can play an important role in either the most elegant exclusive kitchen equipment or in the most impressive ventilated façade, without compromising its never-ending applications and uses which are only in the designer’s mind.

KRION® and the avant-garde high kitchen

The acrylic stone by Systempool has meant a revolution for the kitchen, both at home and in professional ones.

The most demanding kitchens require a material both pure and chameleonic, which is able to measure up to the expectations of top chefs. The Solid Surface has easy-to-clean properties; is highly fire and impact resistant; and it also has anti-bacterial properties, thus, ensuring total security in relation to contact with food, thanks to the NSF certification. Furthermore, and despite its availability in a huge number of colours and finishes, KRION® guarantees the purity of the colour white by means of its 1100 Snow White version, thus, favouring the setting of kitchen equipment, that is both elegant and contemporary as well as being everlasting.

Avant-garde façades which go beyond the basics

Both the changing nature of KRION® and its innumerable performances, as well as its tested resistance against unfavourable weather conditions or the inalterability against sudden temperature changes, make the acrylic stone the ideal material to wall tile the most demanding and large-scale buildings and housings. Together with the most innovative building systems by Butech, KRION® turns out to be the perfect alternative to the installation of sophisticated avant-garde ventilated façades, which in many cases, favours the energy efficiency of the building.

In addition to this, it is worth highlighting the fact that the projects making use of the Solid Surface are custom made projects, since by means of its thermocurving ability, the KRION® FV modules are also custom made for each and every project. Imagining, creating and materialising with KRION® is something possible, as its domain covers from the straightest lines to the most daring bends.

Pure infinite interior designs

The KRION® Solid Surface will take us to the future by means of its ability to conceive uniform interior designs, which are jointless and with a unique feeling of infinite. Thanks to the acrylic stone, joining both wall tiles and furniture becomes possible in a way that only the imagination can foresee. It is a luxury for architects and interior designers, who can unleash their creative freedom. The purity of white through the 1100 Snow White star colour increases that feeling of avant-garde and contemporaneity, which is also carried out by means of lithophanes, headboards or backlit panels. That is because KRION® also allows backlighting, thus, achieving luminous effects depending on the different layers of thickness.

The bathroom design is one of the other secret weapons of KRION® regarding interior design. The ARO collection, which is inspired by a Japanese tea ceremony, turns out to be a clear example of how the Solid Surface is, because of its chameleonic essence, the ideal material for the creation of both a unique and lively bathroom, as well as being highly practical and functional.

KRION® in contract space: maximum security and hygiene

The contract, also known as (aka) the commercial spaces design, goes a step further thanks to the malleability and innovation from KRION®.

Ranging from the most innovative concept stores or retail spaces like pharmacies or clinics, which opt for both the avant-garde design and versatility of the solid surface for the contemporary design of their interior spaces. As well as this, they enjoy the quality of their raw materials and their anti-bacterial properties without additives, since it is a non-porous surface, KRION® blocks and avoids the growth of bacteria and microorganisms.

Furniture manufactured with KRION® and other unexpected uses of the Solid Surface: customise your comfort

One of the other characteristics regarding the acrylic stone from the PORCELANOSA Group, is its property that enables it to be turned into almost anything. Done by artists and designers, the Solid Surface has been useful as the ideal material for creating sculptures and furthermore, the most excellent and dynamic pieces of home furniture. Both innovative and custom made designs, thanks to its property that enables it to be thermoformed in curved sections, which allows for a customisation of our comfort and at the same time, making our imagination run away with us.

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