August 4, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


KRION® Solid Surface: Going beyond design, and beyond a normal table tennis table

The incredible of uses of the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact by PORCELANOSA Group are evident in relation to its high capacity of completely exceeding the limits in design.

After its multiple applications, together with its adaptability to satisfy both the interior design and architecture sectors entirely, the cutting-edge acrylic stone from Systempool, the material which has been opted for by the prestigious  catalán studio Francesc Rifé in order to create something which is more than just a table tennis table.

The internationally recognised sports company, ENEBE Sport Group, together with the Francesc Rifé Studio, have recently presented RAM Gran Elegance Line, a new table concept that challenges the rules of design. And what is more, as well as being so durable and ideal for sport in relation to playing table tennis on a professional table, its special design allows for hiding the net, the bats, as well as the balls, all inside the table itself, in a way that means it could be stored in any room inside one’s home. In a living-room, a study, an office or in any room, all are perfect for storing this sophisticated table by KRION®, which is both elegant and easy to maintain. As well as that, it fits in at home spectacularly well with its built-in internal lighting system, whose translucent effects surpass the table’s surface, which is made with 1100 KRION® Snow White.

With regard to RAM, it is both designed and produced so that it maintains and supports itself, thus, standing the test of time and staying in the family for a very long time, and because of this, the Francesc Rifé Studio decided to carry out a careful selection process regarding the materials, which bestow not only durability, exclusivity and resistance on the design, but also sustainability.

With KRION®, all the premises are accomplished, and furthermore, they firmly bank on innovation in the sporting equipment design. A material that goes right through the limits between both liquids and solids, with the authenticity of the material as its aim.

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