May 16, 2019


Krion™, the leading material for the contract sector

This Solid Surface has become one of the most complete solutions for furniture due to its hygienic qualities and its high resistance to wear and tear.

More and more establishments in the retail sector have decided to bank on this mineral compact because of the custom-made options and the thermo-curved capacity which it offers.

The current retail model looks for a more direct communication between brands and customers. Hence, communication strategies such as: clear and forceful messaging, product customisation, tastes and consumer preference studies through RRSS; have changed, as well as the appearance of the establishments. Both the owner and the consumer look for wide, bright spaces with a careful interior design, where the product is more accessible and attractive.


Sustainable and resistant materials, white or nude colours and open structures have become a lure in the contract sector. A demand which KrionTM meets in every single aspect.

This Solid Surface by Krion from PORCELANOSA Group is characterised by its hygienic qualities; its custom-made options; its high resistance to wear and tear and its high durability. They are suitable qualities for furniture and decorative structures like wall tiles.

Technical solutions with a high aesthetic value

One of the main objectives of the KrionTM mineral compact is to provide solid surfaces for professionals who want to consolidate their brand through quality and aesthetic. Challenges which, KrionTM addresses with the latest technology and the I D i. This has allowed its chromatic range and the sectors which its product is aimed at to be expanded.


Its thermoforming capacity, backlighting and wide range of finishes allows it to be adapted to all types of projects. This is the case with KrionTM K-Life 1100, whose KEAST technology creates safe and healthy spaces, thanks to its photocatalytic properties; its bacteriological character and its easy cleaning. With K-Life, the experience for the client and the worker improves.

Social and ecological responsibility for retail 4.0.

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