July 26, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


The KRION™ mineral compact reproduces natural landscapes through the Luxury series

The Carrara Dark, Beige Marfil and Snow Fall tones are inspired by the environmental contrasts of the planet. This series turns out to be excellent for bathrooms, kitchens and retail, thanks to the material’s thermoforming properties.

Its warm touch and natural aesthetic have made the KRION™ mineral compact the perfect solution for exclusive multifunctional buildings. Made up of two third parts of natural minerals and low levels of highly-resistant resins, this compound has the following features: zero porosity, anti-bacterial and thermoforming properties, easy to clean and repair.

The Luxury Series from the KRION Solid Surface has become the most practical resource for bathrooms and kitchens, although its application is taking a step forward with a strong commitment in the retail sector. Its three new tones (Carrara Dark, Beige Marfil and Snow Fall) meet the requirements of these spaces. Its 3680mmx760mm format with a thickness of 12mm enhances the natural aesthetic of this state-of-the-art acrylic stone. These sizes are added to the invisible joints of Krion™ and establish an infinite flawless surface with no irregularities.

Snow Fall, snowstorm

The Snow Fall model from the Luxury Series collection from KRION™ reminds us of a snowstorm. Slight sand veining, white fragments which look like snowflakes and small black particles and transparent grain live together in its greyish base. Stony texture exotic sobriety.

Carrara Dark, the origins of the Renaissance

The favourite material of some artists such as Miguel Ángel or Bernini, Carrara white marble has turned out to be the material that has played a leading role in the important sculptures of days gone by. The origin of the Dark Carrara by Krion™, whose marble style presents a mineral base. Long-lasting art.

Beige Marfil, a colour which is inspired by natural stone

Krion™ has developed a new colour which has been inspired by natural stone. This design, in a cream base and with marble veining, gives way to the backlighting and sets up an elegant aesthetic. Unique lighting in continuous regeneration.

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