July 19, 2022


Krion fuses tradition and modernity with its 3D Fitwall® panels

These panels contain a minimum of 3% of PET, for the most part derived from recycled plastic waste, demonstrating the company's commitment to more sustainable and environmentally-friendly production.

3D decorative panels are large-volume elements that are installed as wall tiles to offer originality and elegance to the walls of your space. Their designs usually reproduce three-dimensional designs or those inspired by nature, and their easy placement allows spaces to be transformed quickly and easily.

Fitwall® is Krion's (PORCELANOSA Group) proposal when it comes to 3D decorative panels. This product is capable of recreating texture and volume in a way that can be felt to the touch and perceived by the naked eye. Its fire-retardant features, resistance and flexibility make Fitwall® the ideal material for vertical walls, furnishings and equipment for commercial and residential settings.

Realistic finishes

Fitwall® features unique and exclusive designs that embody the original model with impressive realism, recreating its shapes and textures, and adding value to your chosen décor. The wide range of finishes available provides great versatility.

Another important feature of 3D decorative panels is the surface volume, so you can get creative and really play with the lighting. They can also be combined with smooth elements and light finishes to further enhance this effect.

Sustainable designs

Fitwall® is committed to more sustainable and environmentally-friendly production, as the panels are made from reused materials and we have worked to reduce energy consumption throughout the manufacturing process. The composition of the panels is mineral and resin, with minimum 3% recycled PET, which was developed by Krion and certified by the SCS seal.

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