February 12, 2018

The KRION® facade systems by Butech get the CWCT certificate

Butech, through the Vinci Technology Centre facilities, built several ventilated facade designs with the KRION® compact mineral and subjected them to the most demanding tests in order to check their impact resistance (hard body and soft body), water penetration capacity inside the chamber and the resistance of the system against pressure and wind suction. Both systems passed all the tests according to the current BS Standards for ventilated facades, highlighting the excellent results of impact resistance.

The certificates obtained for the CWCT 2018/73 and 2018/74 for coating systems with Krion® are linked to the Avis Technique 2 / 14-1624 CSTB certificate for the use of this material as a protection element and facade decoration in the UK.

The results, which are fully satisfactory, will allow Krion® to be used as an outdoor wall tile for future projects in the United Kingdom.

The use of the cutting-edge Krion® Solid Surface acrylic stone from Systempool on facades is one of the most outstanding commitments in the architecture sector when creating structures with singular and amazing shapes. The mineral composition of this material offers an extraordinary versatility that allows for volumetric, curved and backlit facades to be created. Finishes that now lead the way in the ventilated facades for: buildings, homes and the most outstanding projects around the world.


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